Ode to an All-Night Diner

A point in transit, a lifetime apart,
Forever lost in the smokestack jungle.
No hero, just a walk-on neurotic,
No lover, just a passing addiction.
No reasons, answers, or explanations;
Just a turtle on his back by the sea.
Where can you go to find someone to love
Who won’t try to cut your throat in the night?
Where can you go once the bars have all closed
And you still haven’t found satisfaction?

To the all-night diner where the unmatched
Have gathered to talk of sports, whores and cars.
Bitter young boys that time has imprisoned
In exhausted and broken old bodies.
Their degenerate wisdom filling the
Air with a smoke that burns the eyes and mind.
This entire scene could turn ugly soon
But that would be perfectly fine by me,
The road of excess led me here and I’m
Feeling more then just a little betrayed

Welcome to the American stage, which
Has now been set for a very dark play:
Please Note Tickets Are Not Refundable.
Tales of blood orgies in old money homes,
Scenes of cut-throat real estate warfare and
The ever-popular playground shootings.
Ordained ministers with truck-stop hookers
In cheap motels all along the Highway,
Investment bankers whipping their daughters
And gnawing upon the bones of their dead

Strung-out on endless celebrity news
And wet-dreams about the office upstairs,
It seems as if everyone’s freaking-out
And getting bloated on sugar and hate.
These people are jonesin’ the High Life bad
And shooting it up with a dirty rig.
I’m sick of hearing myself complain but
I don’t have anything better to do,
I can’t find even one pair of eyes not
Doped-up and glazed on this apple pie shit.

What more could these people possibily want?
They already have the family farm,
And why did I ever bother with school
Or get mixed-up with life on the Highway?
I guess my nose belongs on a grindstone
Or buried deep in the classified ads,
But I’m just one death shy of redemption
And finding a job never helps at all.
There’s always something to eat-up the cash
And always a toilet to be flushed down.

And what’s all this talk of cats being killed
For no reason except wanting the truth?
Some bullshit you get with your diploma
No doubt, when they fianly cut you loose.
Either cut you loose or cast you adrift,
It doesn’t much matter out on the street.
Who would have thought that sex could be lethal
Or that rain would be deadly, poison scum?
As for me, I’m saving my pennies and
Ammo for one final shot at the crown.

I think I should have been a holy man,
Or had a traveling medicine show.
In another age and another place
They might have even called me a prophet;
Here I’m just another junkie and a
Garden veriety playground sniper
That can’t hold a job as a drug store clerk.
I’m such a hopeless romantic as well,
I can’t get it up without drawing blood
Or convincing myself it’s Judgement Day.

Kissed by a muse and then kicked in the ass,
Like some refugee from a million scenes
Who has been spending all his peace of mind
Just trying to keep from losing his shit,
And all of his time in all-night diners
Wishing that it could be warmer outside.
The end of my rope, my last cigarette,
And hours ‘till the liquor stores open.
I’m doing my best to hold-off the wolves
But it seems they always smell the panic.

Can I see something more real and more now,
Something my senses might tell me is true?
Can I leave this place and get back to the
Highway where the Buddha roams with the rogues?
Maybe I’ll crash a party tonight and
Ride the ship to the bottom of the sea,
Fire a bone with Davy Jones and try
To forget that I had ever been here.
When you’re ready to buy it, just take a
Number, and don’t bother packing your shit.

I’ve been sleeping in beds for far too long,
It’s time that I shook the dust from these boots,
Took one final ride on the Wild Wind
And cashed-in all of my chickens that hatched.
Let me just get off the subject for now,
I really need to slip out of these chains.
Fill my cup with the joy of a sunrise,
The brew they push here is far too bitter
For a damn fool bent on falling in love,
Reaching the Land, and staying out of jail.


                              * * *


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