IQJR2As for myself: drifter, malcontent, petty vandal. I spent the first several years after high school wandering the countryside seeking high adventure and good times. While the former turned up with some frequency, the latter proved a hit or miss affair. No matter to me, interesting and comforting are routinely estranged and life, like a good drink, should hurt a bit.

I currently reside in my ancestral New Jersey where I will doubtless come to a bad end. Among my hobbies are being flippant, quarrelsome, disrespecting my social betters and long walks on the beach.

An avid reader in general, of science fiction in particular, It has always struck me how medicine and law are impeccably researched in fiction while space “SciFi” gets away with the most insipid technobabble and pseudoscientific tripe. On the other extreme, much “Hard Science Fiction” seems to be dull, populated by stick figures, dated by the time it goes to print, and written by anal-retentive physics Nazis, bitter over time lost stuffed inside of lockers.


2 Responses

  1. brilliant

  2. Hello, this is Brian Abernethy, the guy that went through about half your great Pirate book. I hope you are working on getting it published.

    I went through your site for a couple minutes, and being a Christian, I found some of your stuff a bit insulting. Just a couple of points: One, not all Christians are stupid and cannot justify their beliefs by logic and science. Two, more people have been killed in the name of Godless Communism than all the wars of history, including any religious wars and the Spanish Inquisition. The only things that have killed more people than Godless Communism are old age, disese, and accidents.

    If you would like to discuss your views on Christianity and the (if any) logic and reasoning behind it with an open mind then I would like to further our communications.

    Brian Abernethy

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