Iceni Queen: A Pirate Yarn


Now Available from Wild Child Publishing!!!


“A society, like a forest, requires from time to time the purging catharsis of fire to endure. We are the burning, lashing tongues of that flame.”

—Julian The Bastard

Julian McAllister, son of an escaped slave, is a favorite son of the Riftward Marches; a loose confederation of colonies founded by pirates, smugglers and mercenaries pushed back over the centuries by the expanding Free Trade Federation. In contact with a dissident naval architect, he conceives the greatest theft in history: to steal the Navy’s newest and most advanced warship, refitting her as a corsair. Leading his wing, The Lords of Entropy, into the remote Fringeward Expanse to terrorize Federation shipping, Captain McAllister sails into legend; failing to pause and consider the fate of “Legends.”

Murder, rape, theft, vandalism, arson, impalement, immolation, mutilation, decapitation, rioting, genocide, mass extinction, dehumanization, degradation, decadence, duplicity, betrayal, revenge, exile, ignorance, intolerance, savage indifference, all seven deadly sins, blasphemy (lots of that) singing, dancing, gratuitous foul language, lesbian fighter pilots and genetically engineered ninja assassins: Iceni Queen has it all!

Read the first three chapters here

Buy the book:   here


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