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We are all born of the far-flung debris

Of ancient lights that have gone from the night.

We and the trees, the rocks and the soil:

All brothers brewed in a cosmic cauldron.


We race our way along the expanse in

A seething tempest, too huge to be seen;

Strewn wide like seeds through the boundless reaches

And reunited by gravity’s hand.


There is no free will, only gravity.

Boundless, soulless, relentless gravity.

The cold-hard compulsion of chemistry.

All things are foregone; pointless, closed and fixed.


All will end lightless, scattered through the void

Or in the bellies of the great dragons

Upon which all of the galaxies wheel.

All was planned in the musings of atoms,


All of us doomed before time’s inception;

All questions are answered simply:  Because…

Sightless we scramble about in the dark,

Inertia’s shadow ever gaining ground.


Blotting the sun out, then the stars in turn,

And bleeding the heat from our sweat-soaked skins

Which shiver and quake for want of a flame.

How easy it is, insulated by


A few feet of earth once entropy comes,

Hunting like a shark through the depths of time.

Hear them bay, the dogs of the Wild Hunt,

Rabid with pleasure we may never know.



NGC 3324

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